Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wound up by my wound

First things first; I have had a few visitors who have read this Blog and they all say I look better than they would expect from these Posts -- just wanted to share that in case my tendency towards the melodramatic has overstated quite how ill I am. To be clear: I'm definitely getting better!

So where am I now?

Good news is my daily walk is still extending. I reckon I am managing over 1km now. I'm sad enough to have decided to wear my GPS tomorrow so I can get some solid data *puts on Mel Gibson 'Scottish' accent* "you may take my colon, but you will never take my love of data".

Frustration is the slow progress of my wound healing. I need to have the dressing changed a few times a day and it can be pretty uncomfortable as fluid builds up and seeps out (sorry). Consultant saw me yesterday and cut the wound to help release the fluid so I feel like the healing process is going backwards, but they assure me you heal from the inside out so although it doesn't look great, I must be getting bettter.

My concentration levels are pretty poor. I've been trying to do odd bits of work but I don't trust myself with anything that requires proper brain activity. I was expecting to read a lot during this time, but again so far I don't have the concentration required to read more than a page or two.

But it's all good; I was warned it would take time to recover and that was before all the complications and the second op. My weight has stabilised; was hoping to have put some weight on by now but thinking positively I have stopped losing weight and energy levels are improving.

Enough for now.

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