Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Enough Already

I promised my next post would be a more positive one. I'm not sure I am going to able to deliver on that promise I'm afraid; so I'll keep this brief.

Saturday morning I woke in a lot of pain and asked Jane to call the hospital. We went in, saw the consultant who expressed his 'disappointment' at how the wound had developed. They took the decision to fit a bag over the open area of the wound to collect the 'seepage' and let me back home.

Fast forward some dull, tired and sore days to today, Wednesday. I have developed another infection site on the wound which is leaking a lot of puss -- having watched this develop for a few days, the District Nurse this morning decided to get a GP to come and have a look at me (appparently I was white as a sheet, certainly completely physically exhausted).

GP's view is that I should probably go back in to hospital as worried the infection is 'tracking' around my abdomen and thinks I may need to be opened up yet again to have the infection site fully cleaned out. I am not enthusiastic about the idea of being opened up again (somewhat of an understatement) so am sitting here waiting to hear from the Consultant and agree a way forward.

This really is a bind.


  1. Hi Kev
    Thanks for sharing your experiences, gruesomely revolting tho’ they are. I feel better informed. I had previously assumed that a protocolectomy left you bereft of the understanding of how to address a duke.
    I hope that writing this stuff makes you feel better than reading it does. Best wishes

  2. Thanks Michael: like the protocolectomy joke so will steal it and claim it as my own ;o)