Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Homeward Bound

OK, just a quick positive update today.

Wound healing seems to be progressing well. I get my last dose of iv antibiotics at 2pm today and then I lose the cannula from the back of my hand. Losing the cannula is a source of disproportionate joy for me; amazing how much I have come to resent that little tube and its hinderance of my typing, the way it catches on bed sheets, the difficulty it causes in washing properly ... and the fact that it just marks me out as 'a patient'.

This morning was the first I can remember since the op where my first thought on waking wasn't "ouch, where are my painkillers".

I have had too many false dawns to get over-excited or to start counting any chickens (one of my favourite past-times is chicken counting; its a traditional Scottish thing), but ... this feels like I am genuinely getting better at last.

My 'I can't do anything but watch telly' period of recuperation has co-incided with the World Cup, Wimbledon, The Open and the Tour de France. Now the Tour de France is drawing to a close, my recovery is suddenly accelerating. Coincidence. Honestly. How dare you doubt me? :o)

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