Monday, 5 July 2010

Coming to terms with recuperation

OK, I'm getting pretty frustrated now.

I have to remind myself that I have only been out of hospital for 5 days, but I really was expecting to be making faster progress than this.

Irritatingly the combination of 'Big Op'+Sepsis+'Second Op'+steroids is not a good one for wound healing. So although I have stopped weeping, my wound has not. This means fluid build up, soreness, dressing changes ... and most frustratingly of all I have to remain pretty sedentary. I'm still managing to extend my daily walk (must be up to 300 metres now. Yeah, I know) but that activity is pretty uncomfortable and makes my wound worse. It's a tricky balancing act as I need to allow myself to heal but be active to try and rebuild strength and get some muscle back on my legs (I was never a big thighed cyclist but I can now get my hands to join around the tops of my thighs!).

The community nurse was round today to look at my wound. She's not been the first person to tell me an operation like this takes 12 months to get over; but this might be the first time I've allowed myself to believe it.

Still; its early days and every day does get better.

Lounging around all day feeling sorry for myself means a lot of daytime TV; and that means daytime TV Ads. Today I have just discovered that I could borrow money from for only 2278% APR. I'm not making that APR figure up, it's plastered across the screen. That means if you borrowed £1,500 from them, in a year you would pay £34,170 interest. I wonder how it feels to know you are making your living by exploiting the desperate poor? I'm not a judgemental person ... but anybody associated with that business is going straight to Hell.

There, I feel better already.

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