Friday, 2 July 2010

The Disappearing Man

So I'm home, delighted to be out of hospital after 17 days.

It makes a big difference to be sleeping in my own bed and eating a variety of food. I'm still pretty uncomfortable and incredibly weary; the 'double whammy' of the two ops has definitely taken its toll.

I weighed myself this morning on my own scales ... it turns out I have now lost 14kg (over 2 stone). I wasn't exactly a big lump before the op: I'm now 62.5kg -- that's under 10 stone for f**ks sake!

Which I guess explains why I get so fatigued just moving about. So my task now is simple: eat. Try and be active, make myself get up and walk (managed a 100 yards or so tody) and eat. My wound is sore and I have little apppetite but how hard can it be to eat? So smoked salmon, porridge, nutrition drinks (horrible), crisps, biscuits, bananas, fish ... just have to make myself keep eating.

I'm frustrated that I can't exercise ... but that will come. Patience wouldn't appear high in a listing of my virtues but I am going to have to find some.

Now to try and get the energy together for a shower and dressing change.

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