Friday, 25 June 2010

My Emotional Ghetto

I decided to create this blog because I realised I was spending a lot of time communicating what was going on to friends and interested aquaintances who had asked to be kept up to date.  I like to think I am a communicatively open person and from my own web-research in advance of my op I recognise the value that can be found in reading the realities of others' experiences.  So given this is an ongoing process with plenty of updates to come, the Blog seemed the ideal form.

I've also realised that writing about my experiences is extremely helpful for me psychologically as it helps me process and download everything that is happening, the decisions I am taking and, well, how I 'get my head around' what is going on.

Finally I think there is a risk of becoming overly-introspective and self-obessessed on this stuff; a risk that I become defined by this rather than this being a thing I deal with.  By ghettoising my colon surgey experiences here I can hopefully capture the benefits of talking about it and sharing info with those who are interested without becoming a bore on this topic in the rest of my life.

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