Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Groundhog Day

Disappointed to be writing this still in hospital. Headline news is all OK, just frustrating.

Felt absolutely drained all morning, slept and slept, felt queasy. Forced myself up and managed to half pack before flaking out. Jane turned up and finished my packing and we were in theory ready to go; but I felt terrible, really struggling to get up and walk.

Cue flurry of medical staff and before you could say 'ileoanal anastamosis' I was back in bed and on a drip with fresh bloods taken. The nature of my Stoma Output (details deleted in the interests of decency) has been such that I had become dehydrated and that was what was making me feel so ill.

This whole rigmarole would not be complete without another element of stress and panic though; and so it proved. About an hour later they returned to take my bloods again because of a 'freak result' on my bloods around high potassiumm levels. It was explained this can happen if the blood cells become damaged whilst taking the blood and not to worry. The phlebotomist then casually asked if I'd ever had any kidney problems. "Not before you helped me inflate my bladder to the size of a dirigible" I thought.

Second bloods came back fine (other than signs of dehydration) and I'm sitting here now feeling like a human being again and hoping this is just one more night in and they will let me go tomorrow.

Hey ho.

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