Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Living Life :Free (8 months on)

Thought I should update the blog as its been a while and a few people have asked how I'm getting on.

Simple answer?  All is going very well.  I'm currently coming to the end of a 2 week break in Lanzarote, my first proper :free holiday.

I've been pondering the correct syntax for describing my new status.  Wondered about P.C. (Post Colon) but I've decided to plump for ":free" -- rather like the kind of code-writer, Java-script feel to it.

So, my :free life.

Although the nights are still a little disturbed I'm basically back to normal (and am assured the nights will get better, as they slowly are doing). I'm working full-time again, whilst trying to keep those promises-made-to-self  in the darker moments to not let work 'take over' from living life to the full.

Current break in Lanzarote has seen me able to do some proper bike-riding at last.  260 windy hilly miles, albeit spread over nearly 2 weeks and at a very slow pace.  Plenty of people around me reminding me to take it easy, pace myself back to fitness, steady miles, build the base ... all good advice and I am taking it. Speed will come later. Probably. Worth remembering too that I was never a big cyclist; riding my bike properly again has simply become a psychologically important hurdle, a way of proving to myself that I have properly recovered.

So that's it I guess.  For anybody reading this facing similar surgery I can honestly say, despite the significant complications I suffered, I'm delighted I had the op.  I am no longer dependent on steroids to function and I am able to enjoy getting fitter and stronger every day (rather than slowly getting worse, as I was).

* "Introspective, Cliche-ridden Bit" Alert *
I guess in a strange way I am lucky to have come through two life-changing health problems (Lymphoma/Chemotherapy and Colitis/Colonectomy) and be fighting fit the other side of it all.  I've had plenty (possibly too much) time to contemplate my life and am lucky enough to have the opportunity to keep those promises-made-to-self when I have been down.  So carpe diem, smell the roses, live life to the full, enjoy life's little pleasures, don't sweat the small stuff .... and never, ever forget that (like me) Life's Too Short. Life's too short for bitterness, too short for loyalty cards, too short to 'play it safe', too short for worrying, too short to count the change, too short for pretty much everything except just getting on and doing stuff, now.

On which note, I'm off to do some stuff. Now.


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  1. Hi Kevin
    Stuart Mina here, we spoke on the phone a while back. I'm one of the Greenfingers and Petplanet affiliates. Just found your blog and I'm glad to hear you're on the mend. Hope you have a good 2011 and don't work too hard! Regards.